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Removing Double Boosters from the purchase list deletes existing items from your account

  • 29 September 2018
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Tried to add one of the Double Data boosters but the purchase list had already pre-selected ones I didn't want. Removed them from the list. The system then proceeded to delete the existing double boosters from my account. What a mess. Probably the last straw for me.

Before the purchase:


Reported to the Facebook channel Friday 7:27 pm. Will report back how that works out.

2 replies

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Facebook not really geared to help prepaid. They referred me to call center.

Wait to get help on prepaid was less than 2 minutes. Agent Joe was very helpful and things are straightened out.
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Yup. I had the same issue when adding the US boosters recently. The site behaved exactly as you said. I ended up calling in, gave my PIN, explained the situation and the rep quickly restored the booster.

The trick was to not try and remove the first booster that remained in the but just continue with the lastest one added. Really bizarro is you ask me! Hope they fix this for the next time.