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register new prepaid SIM and new account - can't log in?

After figuring out how to read the stupid numbers properly from my credit card, I have finally managed to use a newly purchased Koodo SIM to create a new account and start the transfer of the phone number from the previous provider. I have helped people do this in the past and do not recall any particular issues, but this time I am stuck.

After completing the registration (SIM number, contact info, old provider information, plan selection, boosters, auto-top up, credit card info) I get to the end of the process and try to log into the account. It claims the password is no good. I use the "forgot/reset password" link and it presents me with the custom security question I set up, so that gives me confidence that the proper email address is recorded by Koodo.

But I have yet to receive any email at all from Koodo (and nothing is in the spam folder). No "welcome to Koodo" message, no "confirm this email address" message, and no "reset your password" message.

Am I missing something? Do I just need to wait a few hours?

In the past when I did not transfer the old cell phone number until after the SIM and account was all working, I do not recall any delays. Do I have to wait until the number gets ported?

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In the future I recommend porting after an account is fully set up.

But in this case, you may need to contact Koodo to check your account or reset your password.  I have seen incidences where the reset password email is very delayed.

Keep trying, and if you havent gotten it worked out by Monday morning, I would send Koodo a privat message via facebook or twitter
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Here is another user who tried the forget/reset password and the email never came. Or if it did it wasnt in a timely manner. The proper email is recorded or you would have never got to the security question. If you havent received a password reset email by now I would contact Koodo to have them fix it. 

Well, after a few days, the "welcome to koodo" message came through (sent about 3 days after my actions), and then the "reset your password" messages arrived a few minutes later. The links in the "reset your password" message did not work since they were too old.
Invoking a new "forgot my password" told me the the account was "locked" and that I should call. I called and they reset the password and I was in.
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Well, after a few days, the "welcome to koodo" message came through (sent about 3 days after my a...Took longer than it should but at least you're in 🙂