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I have prepaid acct. I want to switch to monthly. my acct is suspended temp. until I top it up, I purchased a $50.00 voucher to add, but I want to switch to a monthly plan/acct. Do I have to add this to my current base plan no matter what or can I switch from PP>MTHLY and then add the $50.00 voucher to my new monthly acct./plan?

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Hi Lanny, Vouchers are only good for prepaid so your best to use it up and them make the switch or sell the voucher to a friend or family member who uses Koodo's prepaid service.
OMG, Right, I didn't even think about that, I thought the base plan had to be active in order to switch to a monthly plan/acct. The data add-on is very costly and for this reason is why I want to switch to a monthly from PP. Thank you,
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Hey Lanny, 

If you plan to keep the same number after going to postpaid, then you were right. The base plan needs to be active before you can transfer your number. More details here:http://koo.do/Oqrfk9.

Many thanks!
Excellent, thank you for that information confirming my base plan being active.