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questions about moving

i am moving to a different city (same province). my boyfriend is not moving with me. right now, the calls between us are local (of course). when i move, can i keep my old number? will calls still be considered local? or can he get a phone number from my new city while still living in my old city? what's the best way to do this? we only have prepaid phones, if that makes a difference. thanks in advance!

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If you're on prepaid, then the only boosters available for purchase are Canada-wide, so everything is local as long as you're both in Canada and making calls to Canadian numbers, regardless of where you are in Canada.
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Quasartio, it also depends on what company her boyfriend is with. Considering he's with Koodo, what you mentioned will work. If he's with another company that doesn't have canada-wide, it wont. So Erin, first of all, ask your boyfriend to see if he's got Canada-Wide minutes. If he does, you're in business and you're not required to do anything (buy new phone, etc). If he doesn't have Canada Wide minutes then you got one option : make him switch with Koodo or a carrier that has Canada-Wide minutes. This here, is considering you don't keep the same mobile phone (buy a new one in the new city) or if he want to call you to the home number in Quebec (the new city) Can you keep your old number? Yes Will calls still be considered local for you? Yes Can he get a new phone from your new city and call still be considered local? No. The calls he will make with the phone from your new city (let's say it's Quebec) and he lives in Montreal will be considered long distance unless the prepaid is Canada Wide minutes. If he keeps the current phone, and you keep yours, I think everything should be ok. Because YOU will be the one who will be charged for long distance since you're the one living in Quebec. He will still make a call to a 514 (Montreal) therefore, he won't pay any extra. Considering the fact that you have Canada-Wide minutes, you won'T pay any extra neither.
thanks for the quick, thorough replies, guys! yes, my boyfriend is with Koodo as well, so that's a good start 🙂 alright, so i'm not needing to do anything at all - that's great!
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No problem, always here for a better experience with Koodo! Have a nice day!