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Question regarding bill (new prepaid customer), Charged to activate account?

I bought a sim card yesterday and came to activate my phone. I wanted to keep my current number from Virgin and so went on to select this option after inputing my info. There was a glitch with the website where it was forcing me to enter an alternate phone # (10 digit cap, no formatting possibilities) but any number i was putting was not working (cleared history, cache, cookies), tried various computers and browsers. Error message "Alternate Phone Number Regex Help". Nothing working and not allowing to progress to next step.

I called Koodo and told them about it. They told me to create a new number and that they would transfer it for me. Cool. I come to do this and even the dropdown menu to choose a regional code does not work. So.... not possible to do this either. The Koodo support then goes on to make my account for me as it was a total dead end. 

It then took ~5 hours for my number to be transfers to make an online account. When I log in I can see I got a $20 credit as a new customer (activation bonus) and got charged $15 for the base plan ($15 Base Plan Purchase). But when I go to account overview It says "amount due $10" and that my balance is $5 which I owe. Although there is no such transaction in the transaction history tab. 

Was I just charged $10 because I had to call in? I know Koodo does charge to limit calls but this was insane there was no way to activate the phone by myself and the representative did not mention any cost to me. Not very happy as a new customer it has been a frustrating experience for what should have been so simple...


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Hi Alex, you could go onto Koodo's FB Page and private message them and explain the situation and they may be able to help you with your issue there. As far as transferring or porting your old number to Koodo that can take up to 48 hours so taking 5 hours really wasn't that bad in retrospect.
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Hey Alexis! We're confirming that you can't have an amount owing on a prepaid account. Right now we can confirm that you have a $5 credit on your account and would need to top up $10 for November 22nd at the end of your current 30 days cycle to continue the service and avoid a disruption. No charges were applied on your account.  We truly appreciate your patience 🙂
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No worries Alexis, you were not charged anything. The amount due just is a heads up for when it is time to renew your plan... It's not anything you owe now. It's a bit confusing and threw me off at first too.
Thank you all for the fast replies, my bad for misunderstanding the billing in that case. Have a great day!