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Printout usage (prepaid account)?

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Every time I sign into my prepaid account and view my usage, I cut and copy it to a word processor in order to print it. Then it takes a long time to reformat each column so I can see each field in minimal space which makes it easier to read. Is there a shorter way to print our usage from a prepaid account? Or can I pay a fee for koodo to send me a hard copy ?

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You should be able to just print out the website.
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Yeah. Like hit file, print from your browser.
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Using File, Print from my browser will print the whole page including the color-intensive Koodo banner and headings, but the part I want is only in tiny font in the bottom 20% of the screen so this is very inefficient . Surely there should be a better way? Any other ideas? I"d think there'd be an option to download a file with just the calling usage that I want
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I use a spreadsheet instead of a word processor, as I find formatting is a little easier to manage that way.