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Prepaid - US Text boosters drained quickly by group texts

  • 20 February 2021
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When I was in the US earlier last year, I was on a group text which seemed to use up my text booster VERY quickly.

My guess is that if you are on a group text in the US, say with 10 people, every time someone replies to all 10, it uses up 10 texts from your booster. So if there are 10 replies it would use up 100 texts from your booster.

Anyone know for sure if this is how it works?

EDIT: Did a little Googling and I think my issue might have to do with Group Messaging options within my messaging app. Seems to be two alternatives for handling Group Messaging:

Mass text (sends out SMS) - This is the setting I am on

Group MMS

I don’t understand the difference in functionality yet, but perhaps the Mass text option is sending out 10 texts each time and the Group MMS option would send out one MMS text that would go to 10 people?

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That's what's happening. MMS messages will allow you to post one reply to multiple people at once as a single message. This is possible using MMS because it's newer tech. The reason people might set their phone to use mass SMS instead is that not everyone can receive MMS messages. Since they require access to cellular data to send, customers who have data blocked or switched off on their phones will not be able to use MMS messaging.