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Prepaid SIM cards are Scarce

Why is it so difficult to locate a Koodo Prepaid SIM card? These things are very scarce. I've tried the local MobileShop, Walmart, Futureshop, and BestBuy mobile. I don't have a credit card so buying one online is not an option. I would think that Koodo would make it easier for people to join but that is not the case that I am finding. Is there a secret knock that I'm not aware of?

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You've tried every place but the guaranteed place that carries them: Koodo store/kiosk. Retail partners typically stay away from prepaid activations as its no money for them hence they don't carry the sim cards. I would go to a Koodo store/kiosk. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/storelocator.shtml
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In addition, you could try eBay and use Paypal to pay for your purchase, you don't need a credit card for that. Be very careful though that the SIM is indeed a prepaid one, some sellers are not aware there is a difference.
Thanks for the replies. There are no Koodo stores or kiosks within 3 hrs of my location. The reps that I spoke to at the locations I listed basically said good luck trying to locate one. It's too bad they are not readily available.
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Jason, Koodo's website now accepts prepaid credit cards, so maybe you could go that route 🙂 I have a prepaid CC myself and I love it! Of course, choose one that doesn't cripple you with non-sense fees and you're good to go!
Thanks everyone for the replies. In the end I had to resort to eBay in order to get a SIM since the nearest Koodo store/kiosk is over 400kms away. You would think that they would make it easier to locate them.