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Prepaid & Sim $$

  • 29 March 2013
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Recently signed up with koodo's prepaid plan and have a few questions about it. Do you pay for your own sim card on prepaid? Because when I signed up, they only charged me for my prepaid plan and got the sim with it, but my friend signed up the next day and got charged 20$ for her sim card on top of her prepaid plan. Almost costed her 50$ in total compared to my 28$ total. I looked on koodo's site to see how much and it said 10$ if you bring your own phone...so I don't understand why they charged her double. Should we go back to the people at the koodo kiosk and see if they did a mistake on their part? We're both really confused and would love to have some clarity on it if possible. Thanks 🙂

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3 replies

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Hi Candice, welcome, fellow Prepayer 😃 Yes you need to pay $20 for your SIM card, but you actually get that back with a $20 first time credit. This is only a one time voucher though only for new signups, so if she already had a prepaid plan, she wouldn't get another voucher for purchasing another SIM. Or did I misunderstand what you meant? The $10 SIM card is only for plans, the prepaid SIM is always $20. I agree it's very confusing, I think Koodo is the most confusing prepaid provider of them all, since they almost seem to have split in two companies when they introduced it 😃 I still get confused even now! Any more questions, ask... I'm not always the best in explaining things 🙂 Edit: OH wait a sec, I know who you are now 😃 You changed your hairstyle and name a bit but now I remember 🙂 Welcome to Koodo, Candy!
Hahah thanks Sophia x) You helped me previously, to pick a plan I believe and showed me some alternate options 🙂 I fully understand now 😃 Thanks again for the help!
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You'll like Prepaid, Candy 🙂 I bought a data booster in August and I'm still using it! But I connect to WiFi as often as I can, also I make sure not to watch videos or listen to music when I'm using data. Updates, uploads, downloads etc are all set to WiFi only. Still I thought it would be used up much faster, I can't complain! And 500 minutes talking is quite a lot, haha, I haven't bought another talk booster either yet! Koodo doesn't make much money from me 😃 What phone did you get, if I may ask?