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Prepaid service booster usage

  • 6 November 2014
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I have been having problems with my booster usage with koodo prepaid service. I am currently using a nexus 5 with the base plan of 15 dollars. In the beginning, I bought a 100 minute talk booster package. The problem is that when I went onto the prepaid koodo self serve account, it said that I used up 63 minutes when I only used 24 minutes. (Calculated). I added up my call logs about three times to check but I still got 24 minutes. My sister has been having the same problem too. She used the exact same plan with the same booster as me and somehow got the same amount of talk usage on her prepaid account. Is Koodo doing something wrong with the calculations or what?

8 replies

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Hi Daniel, Your best option would be to call *611 to get this matter resolved. We're all customers just like you and we don't have access to your account information.
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Prepaid voice minutes are always rounded up to the nearest minute, so if you make a lot of short calls these can add up quickly. Even if your call only lasts one second it still costs you a minute. Check with customer service to verify your usage.
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Koodo Prepaid is on a per minute billing as Ray have stated, so that's why your usage matches are off
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Unless you're on a grandfathered plan, all plans, postpaid and prepaid, are billed by the minute. Your bill should show you a breakdown of all calls and whether there were any long distance calls made. You can use your phone for local calls included in your base plan, but for long distance calls you'll need a Booster add-on. Long distance charges apply when you call people whose numbers are outside of the local calling area you are currently in, also when you receive calls while outside of your local calling area. http://help.koodomobile.com/prepaid/boosters/when-will-I-be-charged-for-long-distance This may be the reason for a higher than normal minute count, but I'm only speculating. Your best option is to contact Koodo to get this matter taken care of.
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When it comes to prepaid calling, any long distance minutes are weighted differently than local minutes. You will notice an increase in usage when calling long distance: 1 Minute of local calling = 1 minute of usage 1 Minute of distance calling = 2 or 3 minutes of usage I can't remember the exact value. I'll try and find it for you.
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When it comes to prepaid calling, any long distance minutes are weighted differently than local m...Not quite. As can be read on http://koodomobile.com/en/on/plansandboosters.shtml Prepaid plans that have included minutes are local only. Any Canadian long distance will require the use of a voice booster. Now, with a booster, it goes like this: 1) 1 Canadian long distance = 1 minute shaven off 2) 1 US long distance minute = 2 minutes shaven off 3) 1 minute to any country outside Canada/US = 5 minutes shaven off
I've been also wondering the same thing. But look at the fine print: "Anytime minutes are charged by the minute and the airtime required to connect your calls is drawn from the included minutes" => "the airtime required to connect your calls is drawn from the included minutes" This means that as soon as you hit the SEND button (i.e. the button to initiate a call, i.e. the green phone icon), Koodo has begun counting! This is different from the call timers and logs on our phones, which only starts counting AFTER the call is CONNECTED, not just INITIATED. So the time between [you starting the call] and [your callee picking up] is not being accounted for here, but is by Koodo. This time could arguably be around 1 minute for each call. So you need to keep in mind this grain of salt in your minute counting.