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Prepaid server down on Sundays?

Is the prepaid site typically down on Sundays? I bought a new prepaid phone this morning as I am moving tomorrow and I need to activate it today before I pack my computer. My computer won't connect to the koodo prepaid server at all today (main site is okay obviously), even though I was on it last night as we have another prepaid phone with koodo.

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I haven't heard of any reported outages today. Have you tried clearing your cookies/cache and then try again?
Thanks for replying...I tried what you suggested to no avail. I also tried to see if I could try to activate it through my tablet and I get the same result on the tablet as with my regular computer. I use Safari on my computer and the tablet is an Android system. I have no other issues whatsoever accessing any other webpage on either device.
I went over to my in-laws to try to activate the phone from their computer and I get the same "Cannot connect to the server" error message at their house, so there is definitely server issues with Koodo. Hopefully it gets rectified soon.
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Where does it give an error, Sheldon? I just tried to go through prepaid activation (though I can't proceed all the way, having no SIM card available) and I got to entering the SIM without any issues. Do you get that far?
On the main page at the bottom, where it has "Activate Prepaid Phone" in the blue banner, when I click on this, the "can't connect" screen comes open. The same thing occurs if I click on "Prepaid Customers" under Self Serve as I we have another Koodo pre paid phone.
Sophia…just after I answered your question, I checked again and am now able to get to the activation site. It seems rectified…I will attempt to activate my phone! Thanks!
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Sheldon Kriston wrote:

Sophia…just after I answered your question, I checked again and am now able to get to the activat...

Great! I must have checked just after it came back 🙂 Did you manage to activate everything?