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prepaid plans

  • 17 July 2021
  • 2 replies

I am looking into a basic prepaid plan for my parents and the $15/month plan offers 100 outgoing minutes. I am confused. Does that mean that minutes only get used up on outgoing calls and incoming calls are free? Koodo does not clarify this.

2 replies

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Where does it say about outgoing calls?

I see it on public mobile plan - same $15 and 100 min plus unlimited incoming calls.

I only see 100 min on koodo's. And it means outgoing and incoming calls use your minutes.

So, I would go with public. You can get 250mb of data too ( if you set up auto-pay)

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Are you referring to the starter plan? It's not prepaid, it's a postpaid plan.

This one has 100min outgoing, unlimited incoming.