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how come prepaid plans have changed and you cant have canada wide calling anymore ? If i leave my local area will people still be able to call me and will it cost me minutes ?

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Plans are the same as they were. Zero changes since koodo started. Prepaid plans never had Canada wide calling to my knowledge. If you leave your local area it will cost you long distance. Of you can sign up for monthly plans. The whole country is local on those.
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? My pre-paid add on minutes are Canada wide. Never mind. Just realized you are talking pre-paid with minutes, where the minutes are local. Get pre-paid add on minutes.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled why prepaid plans have changed. i wanna know how come prepaid doesnt have canada wide calling included anymore like they used too when Koodo first came out, im looking to change providers but i can get the same plan with virgin that koodo NOW offers. it sucks
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I'm sorry, but Koodo prepaid has never been Canada-wide by default. Only the minute bucket add-ons are. The monthly plans have been Canada-wide since around October or November 2011.
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So the way to have a pre-paid plan with Canada-wide minutes is to choose the unlimited text plan ($15). It comes with no minutes. Then buy a booster of 500 Canada wide minutes for $25. Replenish minutes as necessary.