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Prepaid plan promotions

  • 13 September 2020
  • 3 replies

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How long do they tend to last?
Our plan now renewed just days ago (of course) and we want to upgrade to a better plan.
We either take the loss or wait to updgrade.

Is there usually a timeframe these promotions last? I am not even sure when it started but hate to take a loss when it just reset! 

3 replies

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Hard to predict how long promotions will last. I have seen the latest promotions last since (at least) July (when I went shopping for promotions).  The community members always warn that it is hard to determine how long the promotions will last.  If you find a great deal, take it!

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Pretty well all you can do is a cost benefit analysis. If you're going to keep the same plan thereafter, it may very well be worth it to switch and take the loss. What do you have now? What are you looking at getting?

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Reminder: on prepaid, boosters will remain intact, but baseplan re-sets right away to the new one when you switch.