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prepaid phone doesn't activate online

Trying to activate a prepaid phone, Filled in all the required spaces hit activate your phone nothing happened. Does it take a long time to activate?

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Try while the phone is on take out the battery and SIM Card for a minute or so and then replace them both and turn it on and try i
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Call Koodo Prepaid CSRs and ask them if it was activated, call *611 or 1-866-995-6636
Hi Del sorry you were not able to activate it seems the prepaid service had some updates that were being done, you are now able to activate through SS, if that still does not work please call customer service at 1866-995-6636 from a land line, also make sure that you are using Internet explorer or Firefox as Self Serve is not compatible with Google chrome or Safari, have a grate day!
New phone just activated on Friday, and we still get the invalid number message trying to register online, so the problem still exists, apparently. The phone will make and take phone calls and messages, so why is it invalid? I tried the latest firefox and ie9 both, and get the same thing with both.