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Prepaid Idea - Voice & Data Notifications

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I know some of us have been asking for a prepaid app that shows voice and/or data usage, but my ask/suggestion is a little bit different, and something that could be implemented much quicker and cheaper. Provide the ability for a daily SMS text or email showing amounts used and remaining balance. This could be user selectable via the online self service site. Give us the option of which one (data or voice or both) to receive, frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) and method (SMS or email). If an SMS option was provided, give us the ability to select a time - for example 7am daily so you know how much before starting the day. The beauty here is that it's a) quick and easy to setup, b) will support any phone or user and c) is much cheaper to implement and support that a dedicated "app" It would also be great to be able to request this info on demand - for example send a text to number xxxxxxx and it replies back with the info.

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Yeah it'd be nice to have.
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Would you really like that more than having a dedicated app that you can just click on at any time and instantly see your usage? Not seeing the real advantage of texts over an app when there are already apps for all the platforms on postpaid and they are working great now, and now all they need is prepaid and I'm sure they're working on it
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^Paul - sure an "app" would be nice, but that takes more $$ and time. And no, not all platforms have an app. Where are the WP8 apps? The last I checked, WP8 is now #3 behind behind IOS and Android. A present, Koodo is struggling to fix problems with their credit card processing system for prepaid customers including voice minutes deducting incorrectly. I would rather their resources be devoted to getting these basics right, instead of making fancy apps and other cosmetics. It's already obvious they have two separate disparate systems - one for postpaid and the other prepaid. For me, at the end of the day, a quick text or email showing remaining minutes and data is more than sufficient, and it's something that can be done quickly, easily and on the cheap.
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Hey Chris,

Thanks for your idea. You're right, developing apps do require resources and time. That said, we're currently assessing all avenues based on what we've heard from others on Koodo Ideas. 🙂