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Prepaid....help i'm confused

  • 2 March 2015
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I bought the following: Samsung III mini Koodo Prepaid phone $50 Koodo credit bought at Walmart also I have an exchange student from Spain and I would like her to be able to keep in contact with her family for the next four months she is here. I have some questions however: 1. Does unlimited international messaging mean that she can text to Spain and receive messages from Spain without any additional changes? 2. Since we live in Bashaw AB, the only number I could choose was for Camrose...does that mean that if anyone from here in Bashaw calls her it will be long distance and will incur more changes? 3. Would I have been better off to choose a different rate plan than the $50 one...that is what the person from Koodo prepaid told me to choose...now I think it may not be right... I'm lost Thank you, Jan

3 replies

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I'll answer what I can. This is an open forum so others may chime in. 1. Yes. 2. This one is tricky but koodo should have a tool to be able to tells you. 3. You only need the $50 plan if she is going to make a lot of calls, otherwise just get the $15 unlimited text base plan. You can always add minutes if you think a she needs it.
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1. Yes, all prepaid plans from Koodo include unlimited international text messages. 2. For landline subscribers, calls between Bashaw and Camrose are local. 3. Depending on which prepaid base plan you have chosen, you may or may not have some local minutes included. The cheapest base plan ($15/month) includes only text messages and no talk minutes. Higher-priced base plans do include some local minutes. The $50 plan you chose includes unlimited local incoming and outgoing minutes. Long-distance calls are charged separately. You can buy talk boosters that do not expire as long as you pay for the monthly base plan. The difference between talk boosters and the above plans is that the booster minutes are Canada-wide rather than local. Each minute deducts one unit from the booster. Boosters can also be used for international calls - calls to the US deduct 2 units per minute, while calls to other countries deduct 5 units per minute. For example, if you buy the $25 booster (500 minutes), calls within Canada cost $0.05 per minute, calls to the US cost $0.10 per minute, and calls to other countries cost $0.25 per minute.
Thank you...that answers everything...