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Prepaid Booster question

Right now I'm paying around $45 for 450 mins 600 mb on Fido.
I'm using around like less than 10 mins and around 200 mb every month. I'm not really paying for what I'm using. So I'm looking at the prepaid plan Koodo has to offer.

Here is what I picked out:

I'll pick the $15 base plan which renew every month.
And then I add booster add on $25 - 500 mins and $30 - 1GB.
First month I pay $15 monthly fees + $55 Booster pack.

Lets assume my usage is 100 mins and 200 MB every month. Does it means that my booster add on will last me 5 months? 
And during that 5 months I will only have to pay the $15 fees every month. (Except for the first month)

In a way, my monthly fees would $15 + $11 booster pack ($55 / 5 months of usage) = $26.

Is this correct?

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Hi Bobby,

Talk and data boosters will continue to roll over until minutes or data are exhausted. To look at it another way, over five months (not including initial startup) you will have paid $75 ($15 x 5 months) in baseplan charges, compared to $225 in five months with Fido. First month will be a little more.

$15 baseplan
$25 talk booster
$30 data booster

Total: $70 - which isn't divisible over 5 months as this is your initial startup. However, if you don't go over 200 MB of data or the 100 minutes during the first month, the following month you simply pay $15 to renew the baseplan.

Thanks for the reply.

The prepaid is a better choice for me since I rarely my minutes and a little bit of data.
Basically, booster add-on will never expire until I use it up or cancel my $15 base plan.
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Bobby wrote:


Thanks for the reply.

The prepaid is a better choice for me since I rarely my minutes and a...

Correct. If you want to calculate your average cost per month, try https://goo.gl/88DFC I'm currently not actively maintaining it, but should work well enough 🙂
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And to add, the $15 base plan is not monthly, it's for every 30 days
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If you register for auto pay, you get a free 100 minute talk booster plus an extra 10% credit on the auto top-up amount. So your $15 a month charge (plus tax) gets you credited for $16.50 per month.
Thanks for all the help guys.

I'm assuming the $15 plans works where I live (Greater Vancouver Area) and I dont need the Canada wide plan.

I will probably go to a store to pick up a Sim Card later this months