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Prepaid Booster Pack Promo

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Will Koodo ever have another prepaid booster pack promo? I believe I heard somewhere that there used to be prepaid booster pack promos where you could get the packs much cheaper. Is this going to be around or is it a gonner?

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I cannot be 100% certain because I am not an employee and don't have access to information that would give a clear answer, but here is my own, very personal, gut feeling as a customer..... They're gone. 😞 Last time we saw them was in December 2013, and I stockpiled while it lasted. However, I don't think we'll see this promo back as they currently don't have any incentive or need to do so. If other prepaid carriers were pushing things around, maybe, but with the prevailing status quo, I doubt they will. Now, in this very case, only one thing would make me happier than being right: being wrong! I want to see it back too! 😉
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No one knows when they will have another booster promo again. Keep your eyes on the Koodo's FB page or here in the community. But they are offering different kind of promo for the prepaid customers . http://koodomobile.com/en/on/paymentmethods.shtml