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Prepaid Base plan data shock free?

  • 14 August 2019
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Hey all, I tried searching all over the place for this but can't seem to stumble across an answer.

I just put my daughter on the new $15 prepaid base plan that includes 250 MB of data. This is her first phone and she really only needs it for texting. I understand that the data switch needs to be on for her to MMS with the rest of us. This presents a risk that she does something else that relatively quickly blows through this.

So, is the data on prepaid shock free? Does it cut off @ 250 MB or are there (potential for) overages without being notified?

This also ignores that the plan includes unlimited SMS/MMS, but the data usage tools seem unable to tell the difference between MMS data and "regular" data.


1 reply

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There is no overage with prepaid plans. You paid upfront and will be stopped when you reach the limit (shock-free).

The phone data usage will calculate the MMS data. However, those should not be calculated toward your data booster in your Koodo prepaid plan. You should check your prepaid selfserve and see if that is the case.