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Prepaid Base Plan Canada Wide Evenings & Weekends

  • 26 June 2013
  • 4 replies

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I searched and didnt find this idea on the community so I thought I would post it. Currently the evenings and weekends for the base plan are local minutes (calls) only. However the boosters are Canada wide minutes. My idea is for the base plan to simplify and standardize so that the evenings and weekends are Canada wide as well.

4 replies

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Only New Evenings & Weekends Postpaid plans are Canada wide plans, All Base Prepaid Plans are only local, If Koodo does that there will be no need then to add Talk Boosters. I presume this Prepaid Service is only intended to be used in customer local area not Canada wide area.
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Dennis, I welcome your idea with open arms 😛 Although in my personal case I'd still keep the base plan and my Canada-wide voice booster, I can see where it could help customers who have been declined Tab and/or monthly plans for whatever reason.
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I know! Right now there is no motivation to take any of the unlimited base plans... For example. The $25 [b]postpaid plan gives you 7pm NATION wide calling + 200 minutes... The $25 [b]prepaid plan gives you 7pm LOCAL calling + ......... nothing There is absolute no incentive whatsoever to ever even consider that... except for reasons Topper mentioned.
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Have to agree, prepaid should be Canada wide. Would add value.