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Prepaid base and booster add ons clarifications (in 2019)

  • 7 September 2019
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I noticed I lost my talk ability on my phone, and the Canada Wide 100 talk booster isn't showing on my account anymore, so have been researching through threads on here. Since some of them are pretty old, putting these questions for clarification out there for hopefully some official answers.
  1. When you buy the 100 talk booster (or other amount), it is a one time fee and total amount of minutes until you purchase again. It is not 100 minutes per month, and is not charged to you per month. [which is sadly not clearly spelled out and what I understood when signing up 😞 ]
  2. The base plan includes text and picture messaging. You can text pictures with it, and just need the data button on your phone turned on --- even if you don't have a plan with data.
  3. If you see another base plan you'd like to switch to, do it the day before your auto top up renewal, because you will lose the remainder of the month that you've already paid for.
Can someone clarify to say whether I've understood it all, and these notes are correct? Thanks for any help!!

2 replies

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Looks like you understood everything to me
Thank you! It's been very confusing to say the least. Good to know that I likely have a good understanding of it all now.