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PREPAID Automatic Top Up: how to stop Koodo reminder texts?

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Every month, Koodo texts me "Just a heads up, your $15 base plan will renew tomorrow", then I get one confirming that my automatic deduction has happened the next day, and another that I saved 10%. How can I stop all of these from being sent?

(I tried replying to a text with the word unsubscribe a month ago, but nothing happened). And if there is a particular word I am supposed to reply with, do I have to do it for each of the 3 koodo reminder texts I get?

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Hi Jay, I think that you need to call Customer Service so that they can block it for you. That being said, they block all messages sent from Koodo. Make sure they let you know the impact of blocking SMS (text messages) from Koodo. Hope this helps :) 

EDIT: Oh, nevermind, you have to pay to call Customer Service Agent. 
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I don't have a prepaid account so not sure if you have an option in your self serve or not to turn off notifications but try logging into your account and see if there is indeed a notification section. If not you can call customer service and see if they can do it, oh and don't worry you won't be charged if it's something you can't do yourself through self serve. Your only charged for getting customer service to make changes to your account that you can do yourself through your self serve account online. Oh and you aren't charged for any texts from Koodo so if that's why you want to stop receiving them don't worry.
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I checked a prepaid account and no option to block top up reminders so your best chance to avoid them would be to call Customer Service and ask them to remove messages sent by Koodo from your contact preferences. 
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If your phone supports it, under Messaging => Settings there is an option to add certain numbers to spam. These Koodo messages mostly come from 5245 or 611 AFAIK.

There is no guarantee that this will work or that messages from the mothership won't override these spam settings, but it may be worth a try.