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PREPAID: automatic top up discount accumulation!

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Every month I've been getting the 10% promotional bonus for paying by automatic top up, but that money just keeps accumulating on my balance. In theory, I can wait until I get enough to pay for a booster, then pay for the booster out of my balance, but aside from that I can't' see another way to access that money. (unless I suspend automatic top up, then pay manually for a month from my balance, then sign up again for automatic top up until my bonus accumulates to do it all again, assuming the bonus is still on!)

Can I get koodo to transfer it to my credit card or bank account?

And when I one day cancel my account, can I get access to that balance? or transfer it to another koodo customer?

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No you can't get it put on your bank card it's a service credit and has no actual cash value. All you can do is keep doing what your doing.
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As others stated it's a service credit and not really cash per se.

You do not have to wait for the value to equal a booster - partial amounts is fine that go towards buying a new booster.

I had $10 accumulated from the 10% bonus from auto top up and needed to buy another $30 data booster.  I simply did a "top up" of my account and added $20 and charged to my credit card.  Account balance became $30 and then I added the data booster.  So for this transaction I ended up with a 33% discount basically off the regular booster price.