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Prepaid 'activated', still no service

  • 12 October 2012
  • 9 replies

Just signed up and activated my old Telus iPhone 4 for prepaid with Koodo, but over an hour later, still don't have service on the phone. Am I missing something or is this normal and just takes some serious time? Thx

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9 replies

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Do you have a koodo micro-sim in your phone? I know it's sounds silly but wanted to ask...just in case.
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From what I've heard from Koodo reps at my local kiosk it should work if you have your software up to date (meaning iOS 6) but it's never a guarantee and it might need to be unlocked first.
Thanks for the replies guys. Kept turning my carrier on and off repeatedly, and it just decided to pop on. Took some time, patience persists.
Am I able to use my iPhone 4 that is with Telus but was unlocked before but since I did my update to iOS 6,i noticed that my modem firmware changed and now its with Telus,but I wanna try koodo prepaid.Would I have a problem in going with Koodo and just last question,what id does koodo require for post paid ?
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Hmmm, First yes you can use unlocked Telus Iphone on both Postpaid/Prepaid Koodo network. SIM cards are different for the 2 services, for Postpaid you will go through credit cehecking and no credit checking for Prepaid, if you want to port your Telus number to Koodo network, they will ask you about your Telus account number to port that number, and it has to be still active at Telus
Would it need to be unlocked or would I be able to try a Micro Sim card before purchasing it to make sure if it work ?
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Would it need to be unlocked or would I be able to try a Micro Sim card before purchasing it to m...Telus Iphones work also with Koodo network
Also what ID does Koodo require ?
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Also what ID does Koodo require ?If you're referring for Photo id. you need NAS, LIC ids