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Pre-paid to Plan

Can I switch my pre-paid phone to a plan?

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Yes, certainly! All you need to do is sign up for a plan, and ask the kiosk to port in your prepaid number. Make sure you use up your boosters first... unfortunately the minutes and data won't transfer to your postpaid account.
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Add to it, they will need a credit check on you when you activate for monthly/postpaid account 🙂 So don't forget to bring proper ID to the kiosk when you do so.
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Yes of course! It's really simple all you need is 2 forms of ID (drivers license and SIN) and you can get set up right away. The good thing is, if you already have a phone you wanna use for monthly, there isn't a fix contract or anything like that so you aren't stuck with any fees if you decide to cancel.