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Pre Paid account in son's name but with my credit card set up for auto payments?

Currently my son has a monthly account in my name.  We are now changing him over to pre-paid.  Is it necessary to establish the account in my name to match my credit card for automatic payments or can I set it up in his name, then use my credit card for payments? Obviously, our address is the same for billing.  I don't want to start the transaction only to get to the next screen and it not working (after I have put the new SIM card in his name)

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I believe the account info has to match the CC info, but Bernard can verify that 100%.
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You may have problems porting over "your" phone number to an account with a different name.

When I log on to my prepaid self-serve, it seems possible to change the name and address in the account profile, and also to register a card with different credentials entirely. So you might have to intially set up the account in your name to keep that transition smooth, and then switch responsibilities along the way.

Customer service will have the final say in any event. Best to check with them first.