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Pre-Paid account has data listed but I can't receive data. Text/Phone calls work. Ideas?

My Koodo pre-paid account states that I have plenty of data left. I cannot receive any data, but I can send/receive text messages and make and receive phone calls. Any ideas? I'm using an iPhone 4 w/iOS 7.

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Is your 3G enabled? Settings -> Cellular
Yes I'm 3G enabled. Everything was working fine yesterday and then the data stopped working. I assumed I was out of data, but when I logged into my pre-paid account my booster usage said I had lots of data left.
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Assuming your cellular data is also enabled, you may just need to refresh your network connection by switching on airplane mode for ten seconds then switching it off. If that didn't work, try turning your phone off and popping out the SIM for ten seconds. (There's a hole on the right side to push a paperclip or something into.) If it still doesn't work you can go into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. (This will erase any saved wifi networks so you'll need to set those back up.) If it [i]still doesn't work you've eliminated most things that could cause a problem on your phone's end (all that's left is the possibility that the phone has a physical problem) so you can check with Koodo's Tech support at 1-866-995-6636 to see if maybe there's an outage. EDIT: If you call Tech, make sure to do so from a different line so we can do full troubleshooting more easily.
Resetting Network Settings seemed to do the trick. Thanks