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Porting numbers to prepaid - activation vs. later

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I was curious about porting phone numbers to Koodo prepaid. I assume that as part of a new prepaid activation, you would either choose a new phone number, or indicate you wish to port an existing number from, say, Fido to start that process? If so, is it possible to trigger the number porting process onto an existing, active prepaid account (assuming I own both accounts)? I've got an old Moto KRZR with Fido, which uses the larger mini-SIM. If I buy a used iPhone 4/4S (micro-SIM) I can't test with my current SIM, and it may be easiest to activate a Koodo prepaid SIM on it as part of the purchase confirmation process, and port my existing number onto it at a later time. Is this possible without losing the credit on the account, would it require waiting for the next billing cycle, etc?

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Hi there! You can open a Prepaid account (the system will give you a phone number) and change to your Fido’s phone number later (you’re Fido’s account will have to be active when you’re ready to proceed). You’ll need to have a base plan to start Koodo Prepaid service. Do keep in mind though that if you’ve are without a base plan for 90 days, your account will be deactivated and you’ll lose your phone number and any funds remaining on your account balance, including your boosters. Find more on how to move your number from this link: http://koo.do/Oqrfk9. You’ll find all the info about the Prepaid service from this link: http://help.koodomobile.com/prepaid. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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It is the "later" I'm curious about. If I choose a base plan and start service on whatever phone number the activation process gives me, will I still be able to port the Fido number onto the account during that first month's billing cycle? Koodo's self-serve information indicates that you can only change your number once per billing cycle, but I can't determine if the initial number assignment would count, and so reject any porting attempt until the second month? Also, this assumes that the "port a number" capability is available in self-serve, and not just during the activation process?
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The later... Yes, from the assignment of your first number you have 30 days to change your number. That means that after two weeks of starting a new pre paid account with koodo you will still be able to port the number over. YAY. It is not a must to do it during the activation process. No worries. Let me know if that answers your question.