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poor reception outside of Campbellford

I purchased a koodo prepaid phone for my granddaughter who lives outside Campbellford Ontario. To our frustration we have discovered that reception in that area is very poor so we really cannot communicate has I intended.

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Oh that is sad! There are certainly bad spots here and there... where we live Rogers has a terrible reception, so I switched to Koodo... only to find that now there are other spots where Telus and Koodo have no reach around our town. If the situation does not improve (it might be temporary, but I doubt it...) you might need to see if Rogers/Fido/Speakout is a better option 😞 Unless Telus happens to have plans to improve Campbellford, I hope so!
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Hi there Heather, there are some things that will affect your reception like being indoors, or mountains, or trees, or walls, etc, every physical obstacle could affect your reception... where are you using the phone? is everywhere in Campbellford?