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PIN did not work

I purchased a top up card from Walmart. Got home .. entered the pin multiple times and it kept telling me the pin was expired or already been used. I then went back to Walmart.. that was a whole different story trying to get them to believe that I didn't use it. THeir system couldn't refund me, it was a HUGE hassle. Their debt machine told me the refund was approved but their computer system said it didn't go through so I couldn't get a refund receipt. I checked my bank account when I was at the store .. and it said the refund was deposited and now I'm at home and it's gone!! So I'm out $25. I am SOOO incredibly frustrated with this and how is this going To be resolved? What the heck do I do now to get my money back? Incredibly annoying.

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Sadly, you will have to take it up with Walmart again, Marlon. They sold you the faulty code and need to rectify this. I suggest you show a printout of your account page that shows you didn't use the voucher to top up... Hopefully they'll give you one that works!