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[Photos inside] Cannot add booster add-ons and I do have balance in my account

First, I have toped up enough balance to my account. Then I click "add booster add-ons"--> chose "Talk booster 100". Here it shows: notice the words in the pink circle, it said "purchase booster add ons"

Then I click the pink circle thing and it shows:

I click "yes"
Then the website refreshed!

I again chose the"talk booster 100" and then

Notice the pink circle said"Top up to purchase....", which is different from the last time only"purchase.....". I clicked it 

So this is again a request for me to pay money but I have balance in my account.
I tried to top up more money to my account and see what will happen but:

Need help!

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Hi Yilu, This is a known issue and has to do with an issue with the company that Koodo contracts out to run the payments. You can still process payments over the phone b y dialing the automated system usint *611.
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Hello Yilu! Like Mathieu said, we are aware of this issue and we're working at getting it resovled! Would you be able to send us an email with your account information and a detailed description of the error that you are coming across when attempting to top-up to this secured link http://koo.do/11eMLdy? We will pass it on to our technicians to help them pinpoint the cause of the issue. Also, please choose "Social Media" as a category when sending the email so we can locate it quicker 🙂 We appreciate your patience and understanding!