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phone says mobile network not available when I try to make calls

My phone has been saying mobile network unavailable before my prepaid account needs to be topped up-I topped it up anyway and it still won't let me make calls on it

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Hi Valentina,

Did you also re-activate your base-plan? You need to have a base-plan active to make calls. If you had not enough credit in your account at the time the plan had to be renewed, then you will have to manually re-activate it.
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Also try re booting your phone and does it say active when you look at your account and the balance.
Thank you Melissa, I did a factory reset and that fixed the problem!
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Awesome! So glad you have your phone going again
Thanks Melissa, I'd like to add some more stuff here. If rebooting doesn't work then try the below things.

1: Turn on/off airplane mode.
2: Take out battery and SIM and put them back.
3: Update your phone's firmware.
4: Try solutions given here if nothing works for you.

If none of the above works, reply to my comment I have few other tips that can help you to get rid of this issue.