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Phone plan for mom

I need a phone with say 50min a month on it for my mother. Its for emergencies only. I don't want to spend $300 a year for a phone shes not even going to be using. More like $120 a year in case her car breaks down etc. Dose anyone know of such a thing?

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For such a low usage Sean, check out Koodo's prepaid offerings! For $15 a month, you get unlimited international SMS. You can also add voice boosters that don't expire! http://koodomobile.com/en/on/plansandboosters.shtml Cheers!
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Some random Mobile Master wrote:

For such a low usage Sean, check out Koodo's prepaid offerings! For $15 a month, you get unlim...

As a side note too, any cell phone, even deactivated ones, are ALWAYS able to call 9-1-1 emergency services. If you're looking for 9-1-1 calling only, you can simply carry any cellphone you want and leave it in the car, either charged or with a charger in the glove box. It does not need to have service with any provider. Of course, the only number you'll be able to call is 9-1-1 itself. But it's free!
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The most cost effective way of achieving this would be to get your mom a prepaid plan. Get the $15 base plan + $5 25-min anytime booster. The base plan will be renewed every 30 days, but the unused minutes in the booster will carry-over until it is used up. This will cost you $180/year for the base plan + $5 for the booster.
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quasiroto makes a good suggestion, but I think the $25 booster for 500 Canada-wide minutes is a more cost effective option... It will be a long time before she uses all that up as long as the base plan is renewed.
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Does she call and physically stay local? If so, Chatr's $20/month unlimited local talk option is the best value out there (on the Rogers network, so it's solid reception). $25/month for province-wide talk. It has voicemail but doesn't include voicemail in the $20, you have to pay 25 cents per minute to access voicemail. Or, if you think there might be some months where her usage is really, really light, Speakout from 7-11 (also on the Rogers network) you pay for minutes that last 365 days (25 cents per minute, so $25=100 minutes, $50=200 minutes etc). That way, you only pay for used minutes, not a monthly fee, it includes full voicemail, but it comes out of your minutes (so it's 25 cents per minute, like Chatr) and it's the only place that gives you 365 days per top-up (although you lose $1.25 per month for a 911 fee).