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Phone Home Prepaid Plan

How about a prepaid plan that includes a bucket of minutes (or unlimited calling) for calls to and from ONE designated phone number (and 911 of course).  Calls to other numbers, texting, LD, data, etc. would all be add-ons.  This would be the perfect plan for parents to buy for their kids.  If the kids want to use their phone for more than calling home then they'd need to buy the add-ons themselves.  It would give parents (and anyone else that needs to provide someone with a phone so they can be reached) the advantage of a low, fixed monthly cost with no surprises at the end of the month.

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Prepaid's already got the "no surprises" thing covered because you have to prepay for everything and once it's used up, it won't work anymore. There's already a feature like this in most Androids, BB 10, and iOS I think. It's called Fixed Dialing Numbers. It should be under call settings. This allows you to set a list of only approved phone numbers that the phone is allowed to dial out to and can only be changed with a password that you set. So if your kid is ignoring your calls or making stupid LD calls, etc. then you can nail them FDN to teach them a lesson. 😃