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paid to much for what i received!

Today I got a voucher at the eaton centre of 70 dollars prepaid kudoo. It was 10 dollar booster and 60 dollars texting (15 dollar a month so 4 months worth) However, when i entered the PIN number it only put 50 dollars on my account. Yet at the Kudoo booth I payed 79 dollars! (including tax) I would like to get my 20 dollars back because it has not been added to my phone. Greetings

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Hi Denise, unfortunately none of us here have access to your account, I suggest calling koodo (you can find their number by clicking the contact us tab at the bottom of the page) and asking about the missing $20 of credit. Don't worry you won't get charged for asking about missing credit 🙂
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Denise, I'm on prepaid myself, so let me explain to you how top ups work. One top up can never exceed $50. so if you bought $70, you received 2 different codes on your receipt, one that adds $50 to your account, one that adds $20. You likely only entered the first one, and forgot/didn't know about the 2nd one. If you still have your receipt, simply add the 2nd code and you'll have your extra $20. Hope it helps! 🙂
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So, Denise... Did it work? I hope it did! Cheers!