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ordered HFO28693555 Dec 30 . Recieved SIM Jan 13. Do NOT have activation email

  • 13 January 2021
  • 6 replies

Placed order for new service on Dec 30. HFO28693555. Have not received activation/registration email. How do I proceed to get service? BTW. I have already received a callback.... Was no help, he said I needed to speak with some that knew more than he did.

6 replies

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Hi there! 


Thanks for the report!

Please send us a message via Facebook or Twitter, so we one of our reps can look into it.





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I will flag a rep. Hopefully someone can resolve the activation issue .

By the way, is your SIM working as of now?


Nope. SIM does not work. Finally got callback from koodo. They told me I need to email the webstore and gave me the address. Quite frankly, I've had enough and will go with another carrier.

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When you put in your sim does it work in your phone?

I got none of that. Service rep. Consulted his team and they said they couldn't help. I would need to schedule another callback. Only thing I recieved was the email with order number on it, the receipt so to speak.

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The rep didn't transfer to another rep while you are on the phone?

When they shipped items, they also send you emails like shipping,info and service agreement. Your self serve set up email should arrive same time too.

Did you check junk folder if those emails ended there?