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Number transfer

  • 2 December 2021
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I just signed up for a Koodo pre-paid account for my wife. We did it at the Koodo store. I got a new sim card and would like to keep the same phone number. I currently have a Koodo account with two phones in my name. One that I use and the other is my wife’s phone. When we got the sim today and signed up for the pre-paid plan, it was done in my wife’s name. She now has a new account with the pre-paid plan. Do I have to cancel the plan in my name for my wife’s phone or will it be done automatically?

How do i go about transferring my wife’s old phone number to her new sim.

I went through koodo’s  “ Let’s get started with activating you Koodo prepaid account” page to transfer the number, and realized that the pre-paid is already active when it said that the sim was unavaliable to activate.  The next step on the page is to transfer the phone number. I can’t get there because the sim was activated in the Koodo store. So how do i transfer the number and how do I sign up to pay monthly for the pre-paid account?

Sorry if this is confusing, I guess it is because I am confused at the process.

Thanks for any help.

2 replies

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Thanks to Mayumi a few posts above



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Thank you, Bob :)


Let's keep your post in one place here, so we don't give you answer, suggestions all over the places.

So, store rep set up your prepaid account. Did they give you an instruction to sign into your self serve?