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Noob to prepaid - some questions

Hi everyone, I'm a very light user who just ported over from Rogers prepaid to Koodo prepaid. (Wish I knew about the "booster" model sooner) So, I have a few questions/concerns regarding Koodo prepaid: 1) How do you disable voicemail? --> I deleted the voicemail number from my phone's settings, is this good enough? 2) If I must setup voicemail, will the setup process eat up my minutes? 3) Even since porting to Koodo I've been getting weird calls that I never had before. --> Let's say my number is 416-510-1234, I would get calls from many 416-510-xxxx numbers. The last four digit is always different, but the first three always match those of my own number... Anyone else experience this? Please help, thanks in advance!

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1- I don't think so. That is for your phone to know which number it needs to call when you want to access your Voicemail. Check out the Call Forwarding settings on your phone, and disable all of them -I have not tried this before, that is how it works, but I don't know if it works on Koodo or not. 2- Yes. 3- There are two things you can do: Get a new number, which may or may not help, or block all numbers starting with 416-510 (your number's first 6 digits).
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Hi roadoover, Hithere is right from my experience. Weird numbers do happen considering there seem to be a lot of scam out there. All I do is block the number unfortunately this won't stop the call from hitting voice mail and yes every time it will call u a min.