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No sound on phone call

I couldn't listen any sound from both incoming and out going phone call. I tried remove the battery and sim card but it only work for few second and then I heard some echo sound then that's it. Any suggestion?

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What phone do you have Jeremy? Do you have minutes left on a talk booster? Also have you tried going into 'call' which is located in your phone settings to see if anything weird was selected? Sorry for all the questions 😛
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Maybe try putting it on speaker phone?
I have a old phone Samsung galaxy captivate, I just start using Koodo prepaid services, the data and message is fine. I do have 500 minutes booster and it is charging my minutes which I can see from my call history. I tired speaker phone too but no luck. I called technical support and they ask me to bring to store to have a look. But the sales just told me to change my phone when she tired call once with no sound.