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no signal on htc oneV

is anybody else having a problem with koodos network my phone has no signal at all can only do emergency calls

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Open your dialer and type in: *#*#4636#*#* Select PHONE INFORMATION. Make sure that the network type is set to "WCDMA only".
i have done so and still no signal at all the setting is set to WCDMA only but says network unknown on the list of things above the option for wcdma only
its working now thanks for the help
I did that and it said no connection
Alexis C-P wrote:

I did that and it said no connection

do you know if your sim is active for sure? or is this a brand new activation?
I've had the phone since the beginning of September, and the sim I had in a previous phone. I've never had problems with it. The wifi connection is fine, but I either have very low bars or no service.