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Hi, I got a prepaid plan with Koodo for a month now and I went to top up my account last night so I wouldn't run out of service. The plan ends April 10th. But yesterday night, and all of today I did not have any service, and I am wondering why that is?

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Is your phone showing any bars of reception? If not try pulling out the battery, and sim card for a few seconds and then putting them back in/rebooting the phone.
It does show the bars of reception, and I just tried pulling the sim card and battery out for 30 seconds and then i rebooted but it still doesn't work. On my phone where it shows the providers Name (Koodo) instead of that, it says searching.
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What type of phone is it? There should be an option in your settings saying enable 3G or to pick the network type. It has to be set to having 3G on, or it has to be set so that it is not on GSM (or 2G) only. Other than that it seems like there may be issues with the actual cell network where you are (or even possibly your phones antenna). Is there anyone else with a Koodo phone where you are just to see if they're having issues as well?
My phone is the Galaxy S2X, and I went into network selection, and the other options other then GSM were GSM/WCDMA and WCDMA. So I selected WCDMA and still no service. Also i called my brother who is on Koodo, and he isn't having network problems.
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It might be a network glitch in your area. If you continue to experience network service issues, give Koodo a call from a landline phone (1-866-995-6636) and report the problem.
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Also a prepaid account needs to be renewed every 30 days. It doesn't renew on the same day of every month.