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No Self Serve, security pin is never accepted, number in use doesn't exist.

Okay this could be a long post...

Bought a Koodo prepaid sim in November 2015 and transferred my number from 711 Speakout. Transfer went fine, and my Speakout number was ported to the new sim. This original number is now the number than friends receive texts and calls from, so as long as I have minutes and texts everything works perfectly.

Unfortunately I am unable to add boosters to my account. When dialling 611 my security pin is not accepted, I am then connected to an agent to reset my pin. I am then told that my number is not actually a koodo number, and that I must be mistaken. The first few times this happened in November I let it slide, the number had just been moved maybe it still had to move on another internal system. Its now March 2016, and this happens everytime I call.

I am registered for Self Serve, but I always receive an error message telling me my login in disabled and I need to contact customer support. Customer support can't reactivate my login for some reason, which seems to change every time I call. 

So to add boosters I have to spend a solid 25-30 minutes on the phone while my account is located, which is quite frustrating. Has anyone else had this problem and had it fixed? Or is it time to find another network?

Any advice is appreciated! 

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Hello Jamie That must be quite annoying. Unfortunately, the only way to solve this would be with a customer service. Explain your problem to them and don't give up when they say it's not a Koodo number. Tell them it is and that you need the problem solved.
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Robert wrote:

Hello Jamie That must be quite annoying. Unfortunately, the only way to solve this would be w...

I would use an account number if the Phone number cannot be located
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Hey Jamie,

You can top up your account by logging in to your Prepaid Self Serve account or by dialing *611 on your Koodo phone. Choose from these top-up options:

1. Credit or Visa Debit – Register a credit or Visa Debit card on Prepaid Self Serve. For added convenience, you can also register for automatic 30-day top-ups. Only a credit or Visa Debit card registered to a Canadian/U.S. address can be registered to your account. Other International credit/Visa Debit cards are not accepted.

2. Top-up Voucher – Koodo Prepaid top-up vouchers are available in stores.

We would love to assist you here on the Community however we can not access accounts from the Community and you will need to contact us over the phone. With your email address and some answers to security questions, a rep should be able to find your account and assist you.

If you can't access your Self-Serve, please click on this link: http://koo.do/1nNDYbZ, you'll be able to reset your password.