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no internet just for seperated bill

I got my sim card in 31th of may but they cut my bill in 2 part one from 31th of May to June the 6th and next from 6th of June to 6 of july it put me inbtruble cause this internet service is my only one as new comer and it is 2 days that I filled up my internet usage to 1.5 g and no internet I have

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Wow.  That's a lot of data to use in a few days.  You don't say how much data comes with your monthly plan but it looks like you will have to cut down on streaming videos, otherwise this will be an ongoing problem for you.  Find, and use, wifi spots when you want to play and keep your data for lighter use.

As for going over your data limit, if you are on  shock-free data, you should get a text offering you more data for a price. Since your new monthly cycle begins tomorrow, don't pay for new data that will expire in just a few hours.  My advice is to call Koodo and ask if they can forgive going over the limit your first month because of the split in dates that you didn't understand.  Sometimes, they will give you a break. 

Even so, if you are a heavy user of data with limited opportunity to use free wifi, you will have to either cut down your usage or get a better plan. 

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What plan did you sign up with? If you just sign up with Koodo, you should be able to access to your data more than 1.5GB. They set your billing date from 7th of the month to 6th of the next month. So, your data will be reset to full on 7th. You see different set of dates because iit will be your first bill. It’s includes partial charge from you sign up to end of your billing cycle. https://www.koodomobile.com/help/charges-explained
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If you just signed up, you have unlimited data to use for your first billing cycle which is from May 31 to June 6. When your billing cycle resets then you can only use what data amount is in your plan. Once you reach that limit you will be sent a text with options to buy more.

If your data isnt working right now there is something wrong with your phone settings or connection with Koodo.