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No email received for activation of self serve account

I have tried so many times to re-sent the email last night and re-sent it again after switching the email account, but still no e-mails are received until now. What should I do to get my account validated?

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Have you checked your spam?
I've checked it and there's nothing in spam.
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Wong, 2 months ago when I set mine up I had the same issue as you. 3 days and I couldn't get an email saying to confirm or activate the account when it said it sent one. I called customer support and got help from a young guy who said he deleted the one I started, and manually sent me a new account creation confirmation. Not sure how he did it, but they did. Give them a call If u haven't figured it out yet. They can help.
Actually I had given a call last night saying about it. But the staff suggested me to go to the store and ask about it. Then I went to the store this morning, the staff of the store said that I should go back and call the customer support. So I am confused and pissed as I had called the customer support so many times because of all the errors and problems happened on my account, but still they cannot fix it. Besides, as I've called them so many times, I afraid that the service fee would be very high and I don't want to pay extra fees due to the stupid mistakes they had made on my account.
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I understand your frustration and I am sorry this is happening. I would ask for a supervisor and u will not be charged for calling about account activation and setup issues. If u ask for a supervisor I'm sure they can get it done for you. It cannot be resolved through the community chat unfortunately.