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No data plan

  • 6 November 2013
  • 9 replies

I just purchased a prepaid phone and put our sim card in it. We dont have a data plan but we use our wi fi at home. We just got a message on the phone that we have used 10.00 worth of data plan. Using our wi fi at home is not a data plan is it?

9 replies

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I'm going to assume you're on a post paid account, since prepaid accounts require a data booster to even access mobile data. Remember that the phone is just simply the device. The sim card is what determines if you're postpaid or prepaid as it has the service attached to it. Mobile data is most likely turned on in the phone. What phone do you have?
Samsung galaxy discovery We have a prepaid acct-where do you turn off the mobile data
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Settings > Data Usage > Mobile Data > tap to remove checkmark.
does this mean we will have a 10.00 extra charge-we just turned it off. If we are using our wi fi in the house will we be able to download apps?
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I'm not sure how the prepaid billing works, but you will be able to download apps on wifi.
we didnt put a check mark there -does it automatically come like that and we have to deselect it?
Thank you very much for your help. Have a great evening
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Hi Brenda, welcome 🙂 I'm actually a bit confused... you said you got charged $10 for data on prepaid? If you didn't buy a prepaid booster, it's impossible to be charged for data actually. There is no need to switch anything off :)
It's a bit hard to troubleshoot without seeing your actual usage (prepaid self service information), but really that's all there is to it. If you didn't buy a booster, you didn't get charged for data! Does that answer your question? We can still try to see where your $10 charge came from if you like, but we'd need more details 🙂
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What is your plan's name? Base plan or Canada wide talk& text plan ?