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new prepaid account not working

  • 19 November 2015
  • 5 replies

I just picked up a prepaid sim ($15) yesterday and transferred my number over from rogers

I managed to activate the account (got the email confirmation) but now I cant log in to the self serve page because its undergoing upgrades and I get a generic error when trying to log in

The problem is that my old number has been ported (it seems) because my old phone no longer works (no network). But my new phone (5x) is still not working as it can't find the koodo network.

I assume this has something to do with the upgrades going on right now but this isn't the best way to start service with a new carrier as none of my phones work right now. I'm not sure why my old number was ported if the service is down...

Is there anything I can do to get my new phone working right now? I havent even been able to add a booster as the online site doesnt work, but this shouldn't prevent me from connecting to the network on my new phone at all

I selected the koodo apn in my network settings, but when I try to select koodo as the network it says the sim doesnt allow me to connect to that network...

5 replies

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What phone are you trying to use? And you made sure it's unlocked, right?
nexus 5x, purchased direct from google so yes its unlocked
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nexus 5x, purchased direct from google so yes its unlockedWhat's your network selection mode set to?
nexus 5x, purchased direct from google so yes its unlockedFinally started working. I'm not sure what I did (if anything) but it seems to be ok now