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Need more details about cheapest prepaid plans

  • 20 April 2015
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Does the prepaid $15/30 days plan include phone minutes? I'm looking for the cheapest possible plan for my teenager who will only really use text and maybe answer my phone calls 😉 No need for data.

7 replies

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I'd say Koodo prepaid is PERFECT for your teen, Lisa! They have the cheapest unlimited text rate in Canada ($13.50 per month if you use auto top up). This only provides texting, no minutes. If you want minutes, you will need to buy a voice booster, for example the $25 for 500 minutes - meaning calls are only 5ct/minute. The minutes never expire, mine last about a full year and then I need to buy a new booster 🙂 Oh and they have a promo right now that you get 100 minutes for free if you add a credit card... you may not even need to buy a booster. You can even add a data booster but as you said, she won't need that. Happy shopping!
Thanks Sophia. I'd still like to know how many voice minutes that plan includes - if any. And does it include free calling between Koodo family members?
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Thanks Sophia. I'd still like to know how many voice minutes that plan includes - if any. And d...Sorry I edited my post later to include voice information. You will get 100 non expiring minutes if you add a credit card, but this is a one time offer. After that you will need to add minutes by buying a booster. Calling between family members is only available between people that share the same postpaid account, there is no such thing as family calling with prepaid.
Son has been with 15$ prepaid for over year and a half. Purchased one 25$ booster in Aug 2013; with various promotions for free booster minutes (switch to automatic debit) that's all he has needed. All he does is text so the cost has been about 15 per month Quebec taxes included.
Ans what about the texts you send from Canada to the US or France ? I actually goes with a 15$ prepaid , able tout receive such texts but only able to send some to France ... Wondering ??
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You can send and receive text messages to/from anywhere in the world, if the recipient carrier allows it.
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Depending on your teen's text usage there may be cheaper options. My youngest has a phone and really only texts family members and the odd friend here and there so he definitely does not have a need for unlimited texting at this stage so I have him on a prepaid with Telus with a 250 text add on for $5 per month. Since he has the add on, calls are 15 cents per minute. They also have a $10 per month texting add on for 2500 texts. I can tell you that my 2 older teens use less than 2500 texts as well. With them, its all about the data (and never about the minutes, LOL)