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Need help please. Canceling a booster and topping up questions

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I currently have the $15 unlimited text base plan. 100 voice min for $10 booster plan. I signed up for auto top up and also received the bonus 100 min voice booster. Recently I bought a $25 top up card and have $5.00 in my account. I decided to get the 1 GB data booster. Questions.. Once my voice and/or data booster is low, and I want to top up by using a top up card or credit card, how do you allocate the money to the booster that needs topping up? If I decided I don't need a data booster anymore (once funds are very low or none left) how do I cancel the data booster?

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There is no automatic purchase for boosters (unlike the base plan). If you use up your booster and decide you don't want to buy another one, then just don't buy it.
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HI Shelley, If you are concerned about not using up your credit (if you don't need a booster), just lower your auto top up to $10. You will STILL get the $1.50 (10%) bonus and your credit will be used up gradually. Then put it back on $15 again. Or just let it sit in your account until you need another booster, it's up to you 🙂 As Ray said you will never be forced to buy boosters!
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Thank you both for your help! 🙂