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nable to login to my prepaid account

I activated my prepaid SIM and unable to login to my account

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What type of error are you getting, Daniel?
Look for your confirmation email upon your set up of your self serve account, if the problem still persists either email or call them to explain the error they may need to reset the account.
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If you didn't get email confirmation or didn't validate your email within 7 days limit call Prepaid rep to reset your pw
hey guys, couple of things here... 1. Koodo Prepaid registration is currently unavailable. if you already have a web account you can log in, make changes, etc. If you are a new prepaid subscriber trying to sign up for a web account you won't be able to at the moment. The Koodo web team hopes to this fixed withith the next little while - hang tight! 2. Koodo prepaid doesn't use email validation. When you sign up for an account you recevied your validation passcode through SMS onto your mobile phone. Hope this helps! -Mark
Thanks for the answers.. Let me describe what I have done: A. purchase a prepaid SIM B. activated it on Koodo's website C. try to register to self service. when trying to register to self service, it says- "Account could not be found".. I didn't use yet the phone so I don't really know if an SMS was sent or not. What I don't understand is why during the activation' Koodo don't let you choose your password to the self service and create the account at the same time. The registration to self service is done separately, as I understand it. So now, I have an activated SIM and a Koodo message: "Account could not be found".. Anyone have an idea how to resolve this (apart from contacting the guys from the support)? Thanks -Daniel
Hey Daniel, appreacite the feedback! Normally during activation you do have the opportunity register your Self Serve account. We had intentionally disabled it because of the current issue we're having with Self Serve registration for new Customers. We're aware of the current problem of the error "Account could not be found" during Self Serve registration and we're working diligently to fix it. We should have this back up and running soon. In the meantime, you can contact us by dialing *611 and we can assist you with your account. -Mark, Koodo Web Team
Thanks Mark! Does it mean I can't create the self serve account? I want to be abale to top-up and choose booster from the web. What are my options? daniel
Hey Daniel, Unfortunately, you are correct. You won't be able to create that Self Serve account for a little while still. I can tell you a fix is in the works currently. For now you can dial *611 and one of our team members would be glad to help you. Once the registration issue has been fixed you'll be able to top-up and choose boosters from the Web. Again, we appreciate your patience. -Mark, Koodo Web Team
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you can also check spelling of the email, if correct try to register with different email password
Hey Daniel, You should now be able to register for your Self Serve account. here's the link: https://prepaidselfserve.koodomobile.com/ Thanks! -Mark, Koodo Web Team